Responder/InterPoll Updat

Responder/InterPoll Updat

Post by BERNARD BECK » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 04:17:00

If you are using InterPoll 1.0 you will have the problem that the newer
machines will not be recognized. Contact the person you bought it from
and see if you can upgrade it. We are using 1.0.1 and are no longer
having the problems you describe.
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1. Responder/InterPoll Update

I've got a Mac IIcx hooked up to an AppleTalk network and occasionally
use InterPoll to check the number of users on the net.  I've noticed
that InterPoll doesn't seem to recognize my (or anyone elses) IIcx, or the IIx,
and IIci, and just lists these devices as "Macintosh".  It does however
recognize the SE/30.  Is this a problem with InterPoll itself, or an update
in the Responder from Sys 6.0.3 to 6.0.4?  (I'm running sys 6.0.3).
Any word on this from Apple (or better yet, Randy Carr, the guy who wrote

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