Jasmine $299 40 meg drive...

Jasmine $299 40 meg drive...

Post by Harry K. Zi » Wed, 30 Jan 1991 11:19:28

The Jasmine drive advertised for $299 is the model that gets the necessary
power from the Macs floppy port to run.  The problem here is that users of Mac
Plus' and SEs will NEED to get the external 15 watt power supply, or else
suffer extreme power problems with their machines (less so on the SE than on
the Plus).

The drive itself is a very nice, quiet and fast running unit and well worth the
price (even though it is from jasmine).  By the way, the external power supply
costs around $50.

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1. Wanted: 40 Meg external hard disk for Mac (Jasmine 40 Meg for $299?)

I'm in the market for a new 40 Meg external hard disk for my Mac Plus.
I've had a 20 Meg Jasmine Direct Drive for the last 2 years and have loved
it but really need something bigger.

I would really like to buy a Jasmine, but am leery of them in light of
all of their problems that they have been having recently.  Nonetheless
I see in the latest MacWorld that they are advertising an external
40 Meg "portable" hard drive for only $299.  Does anyone have any
experience with this drive - what is it like?  Does anyone have any
experience recently dealing with Jasmine - should one stay away from them?

What other low cost high quality hard disks are currently available
out there?  I've heard a number of people recommend MicroNet - anyone
else like it?


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