Apple's CD SC CD-ROM driver

Apple's CD SC CD-ROM driver

Post by Norman Grah » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 02:24:00

Has anyone tried to use Apple's CD SC driver with other CD-ROM players?
If it will work, how should the CD-ROM player be set up?  

    Bus Arbitration [on/off]
    SCSI id (does this matter as long as it's not 0 or 7?)
    anything else?

In particular, I'm trying to use it with a Toshiba drive.  The mac seems
to talk to the drive long enough to tell it to lock the CD-ROM drawer,
but an icon for the drive never appears on the desktop.  Any ideas?

(by the way, I'm using a HFS formatted CD-ROM).

Norman Graham

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Apple's CD SC CD-ROM driver

Post by Alexander M. Rosenbe » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 10:16:00

It sounds like you have a copy of the technical documentation that Apple gave
out at the CD-ROM conference. If you do, then you already know more than most.
From what I could determine, about half tof the CD-ROM driver calls work on
the Toshiba drive without rewriting. THe calls that work on non-Apple dirves
are for the most part noted as such in the technical documentation. What I
think is the best route in this event is to write your own CD-ROM driver for
the Toshiba, although I suspect many are already doing drivers for that drive.
My 2 cents are: make sure that Apple's neato Audio CD player desk accessory
works with whatever you may do. It is just too cool to believe.

Side Note: Have you tried the Apple Drive? What I wanna know is, can one play
an Audio CD without using MultiFinder (the DA closes. Does the music end, or
is the APlay command synchronous?) Also, Does anybody have any idea how a
small SCSI adaptor could be built to just play audio with the Apple drive?
Some Radio SHack parts and the technical doumentation are all that seems needed
Just simulate the Audio commands that the driver sends with buttons! You could
sell millions when the Apple drive goes obsolete!


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Apple's CD SC CD-ROM driver

Post by Brian Becht » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 01:17:00

Quote:>What I wanna know is, can one play an Audio CD without using
>MultiFinder (the DA closes. Does the music end, or is the APlay
>command synchronous?)

You start up an audio CD using the CD Remote desk accessory.  Once you
start playing a CD, it plays without further intervention from the
Mac.  You can close the desk accessory.  When you get to the end of the
CD, the default behavior is to loop back to the beginning.  You can
change that behavior using the CD Remote desk accessory.

Think of the CD Remote desk accessory as everything that comes with a
high-end audio CD remote control.

Multifinder is not relevant to playing an audio CD.  The desk accessory
is what controls audio CD play. (Or program control...)