OS X server 10.1.3 & mail service - no more incoming mail

OS X server 10.1.3 & mail service - no more incoming mail

Post by Karsten Ko » Wed, 27 Feb 2002 05:02:15

Ok - I am really poking in the dark here as this is my first setup of
OS X server (and a unix mail server, that is).

The problem I am having is, that I do not receive any incoming mail -
sending mail through SMTP works just fine.

I used the Server Admin to set up users and their mail accounts,
configured the mail service to use pop3 using pop.(ourdomain).com and
SMTP for sending mails. When I send a mail from my yahoo account to my
OS X-server address it bounces back after a few hours, quoting "Sorry,
I wasn't able to establish an SMTP connection."

The error log doesn't give too much either, the most interesting line
in there is "Unable to resolve the ip-address for (our address).

I know, this is kind of vague - any guesses or hints welcome.


1. Pine -> Mail.app (OS X 10.1.5)


I'm in the process of moving from Pine to the OS X 10.1.5
Mail.app, and I have two issues with the transition.  I'm
hoping someone here might know how to fix them.  I've been
searching Google and various other archives and not found
anything; my apologies is this is indeed a FAQ which I missed.

First, in Pine I am used to being able to set up aliases for
people's addresses.  For example:

In Pine, I compose a message and give "foo" as the address,

Mail.app does not appear to have a way of doing this as far
as I can tell.  In the first case, it works because the alias
is really the first part of the actual address, which would be
stored in my Address Book.  However, the second alias and
address don't correspond that way, and Mail.app doesn't know
what to do.

How can I fix this issue?  Typing the whole address every time
is not an appealing option, even though I know it tries to
auto-fill as you type.  I'd probably have to go back to Pine
if that's the only cure.

Second, how can I import a Pine-format .addressbook file into
the OS X 10.1.5 Address Book?  Using the "import" function
works, but not smoothly, as the fields are not in the places
it wants, and in particular (surprise), my "aliases" aren't
viewed as anything meaningful by the Address Book.

Thanks for any pointers you can give me.

Greg Anderson

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