Info needed on Practical Peripheral 14400SA modem??

Info needed on Practical Peripheral 14400SA modem??

Post by Minh La » Thu, 28 May 1992 01:50:21

I am considering the Practical Peripheral 14400SA (v.32bis, v.42bis)
with Fax. I would appreciate any info pertaining to this modem as
to its performance or trouble. Thank you very much.
  == Minh ==


1. Need help with Practical Peripherals 9600SA Modem

I bought a Practical Peripherals 9600SA yesterday.  It came with the manual
but no Power Pack.  I suspect that it is just a transformer, but rather
than experiment, I'd like to find out for sure.  Does anyone know about the
Power Pack for THIS modem?  I'd like to know if the output is AC or DC as
well as the voltage and current requirements.
PS If no one can help me, I'll just break down and call Technical Support,
   but I'd rather not.

UUCP:     crash!pro-nsdapple!tomk

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