no boot from CDROM w/ powerlogix 1.2 card

no boot from CDROM w/ powerlogix 1.2 card

Post by double ed » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 06:00:09

i recently bought a powerlogix 1.2 series 233 g4 card, and my system
doesnt boot from any cd. I tried the norton 6.0 utilities and the
stock mac disk with no luck. i treid everything and all things being
equall i replaced the upgrde card with the stock G4 400mhz agp and it
booted fine, there tech support people couldnt figure it out either. I
sent the card back and thier tech guy was able to boot from CD what
could be the prob?

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I'm about to purchase a RailGun G3 upgrade card (PowerLogix design) for
my Mac and I was wondering whether anyone has tried this accelerator
card with any of the audio cards from DigiDesign (i.e. Audiomedia III
card w/ ProTools) and know whether it is compatible or not.  Any info
would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

- Jun

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