Office XP & Win ME

Office XP & Win ME

Post by Phil Gaul » Thu, 02 Aug 2001 19:23:04

O/S = Win ME. & Office XP

I am trying to print a 4 page Excel spreadsheet to a
HP 840C.  The original spreadsheet was created on a Win 98
machine running Office 97. The document will only show 1
page in a print preview and will sometimes cause GPFs when
trying to print.  All other Apps print fine.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


1. conditional formatting win xp/office xp & win_me/office 97

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the following

I used to verify that values were NOTICED being double inputted by using the
following process (if this is pour English please excuse the language):

Values inputted in a cell (let's say starting with A2 (A1 containing the
column header) were tested on being already inputted by using this formula
in conditional formatting.:

Copying this cell downward results in the value of each copied cell being
tested on this: does its value exist in A1 throught Ai (i being the
rownumber just above cell in question, i.e. value in A6 tested on existence
in A2:A5). Copying downward still resultst in each cell receiving the
correct (relative) testing-formula and formatting-conditions, but the effect
that should appear, just doesn't.

All of a sudden this doesn't work anymore. I opened files in which I knew  I
applied this method and it still worked in those files. Applying it newly,
thought, doesn't work any longer. And please take into consideration: I
thougth I had "gained" a virus so I tested again after FULLY RESTORING MY
SYSTEM from a clean installation of Win XP/Office XP and on another hard
drive I have Win ME and Office 97 running and there it doesn't work anymore
either (that is: when a new range of data is inputted and tested on existing
values, opening the mentioed files in which it used to work, there is no


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