Tone dialling from psion 3

Tone dialling from psion 3

Post by fai.. » Fri, 26 Feb 1993 01:47:11

    I just caught the tail of this thread.  So let me throw in a related
question about auto-dialing from a palmtop.

    I have a vanilla HP95lx, which I've successfully used with the new
Worldport fax-modem to dial up my host machine here at uiuc through our
local telephone system.  I recently attempted to do likewise in London,
accessing a courtesy account through British Telecom.  Despite fiddling
with all the parameters I could find to fiddle with on the HP, nothing
would work until, finally, I set up a configuration file with the phone
number field blank.  Then, when running "connect", I would key in the
prefix and number, and everything worked fine.  I'm at a loss to understand
why, and would appreciate help or comments from anyone.



1. Tone dialling from psion 3

A couple of days ago, I posted a plea from "Alan J.Flavell" (SY07 at

directly BT-connected 'phone.  He still hasn't got write access to
Usenet, but he writes in private mail to me:


I should like to extend my thanks to uk.telecom for their very
useful advice.  Having tried the settings of tone=4units, gap=
4 units, I got much better results, provided I was careful with
the distance to the microphone.

Increasing the lengths (as suggested in the Psion manual for
dealing with adverse situations) does not help, indeed it seems
to make matters worse.  On the other hand I found 3/3 less reliable,
and 2/2 unusable, so I think I've settled on 4/4.

It now works well with a borrowed phone (I cannot tell you what type,
it has no model name, only a BT logo and approval number) - in spite
of the fact that this phone's mike picks up a lot of hash from the
"works" of the Psion - I can hear hash in the earpiece and there's
even a little !eek when I push the key to start the dialling!
(Must be electromagnetic coupling - unlike the dialling itself).

On my own phone (an Audioline TEL45 that otherwise works well for
me) Psion dialling is significantly less reliable, and initially I was
not able to get it to work at all.  (Especially with the initial
settings of 8/8 before I asked advice).  The distance of the Psion
from the mike seems very critical.

I'll be trying other telephones with renewed confidence.  Thanks
a lot to the several informants.


Crossposted to comp.sys.palmtops, at Alan's suggestion.

U of Cambridge Computer Lab, Pembroke St, Cambridge  CB2 3QG, UK

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