Modem, hp?00lx, dtr

Modem, hp?00lx, dtr

Post by George Newbu » Mon, 11 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Although I've had my hp100lx for over a year,
I've been unsuccesful in connecting it to an
external modem until now.  Admittidely, I've
not tried but several times..
Well today I paid attention to my front panel
lights, and noticed that my modem did not show
DTR being asserted.  Bang, a flip of a switch,
and now I'm online.

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Modem, hp?00lx, dtr

Post by Jose Sab » Tue, 12 Dec 1995 04:00:00

>Although I've had my hp100lx for over a year,
>I've been unsuccesful in connecting it to an
>external modem until now.  Admittidely, I've
>not tried but several times..
>Well today I paid attention to my front panel
>lights, and noticed that my modem did not show
>DTR being asserted.  Bang, a flip of a switch,
>and now I'm online.

*Congrats* on connecting.  IMO, the ability to communicate via the Palmtop
is it's the neatest feature.  It's what separates it from organizers.  I
had gotten my HP 100LX second hand, as a replacement for my Casio BOSS
organizer.  It was woefully underpowered (the Casio, not the HP).  The
BOSS had a good phonebook; rather fast at retrieving data; and the
calendar was adequate, nothing to rave over.  However, with the space
limitations for notes, lack of sorting, lack of memory expandibility, I
soon realized I needed to find a better _organizer_!  A friend sold me
this HP.  And in an effort to find more info about the Palmtop, I happened
upon this newsgroup.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered what people
were doing with the Palmtop.  My HP was no longer just an organizer, now
it was a comm/info platform.  I can get on the internet to retrieve
programs, gather information, and communicate with others anywhere I can
get to a phone.  Not one to wait, I ordered a cable and connect software
for next day delivery, and waited e*dly for the cable to arrive.  I
was posting to comp.sys.palmtops within an hour of receiving my cable.
Next step is setting up for off-line use and I unleash the biggest
advantage of the Palmtop, it's portability.  And now the superb database
and PIM apps helps me get my work done in a timely manner, so that I have
time to connect and play.  Hope you have as much fun connecting as I have.



Jose V Sabas    University of California San Francisco Medical Center
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1. Which PCMCIA modem are you using on HP?00LX ?

I'm trying to build a compatibility list of PCMCIA modems for
with HP?00LX.

I actually have :
   Motorola "Power" modem (Motorola 14.4 PCMCIA Cellular Modem ?)
   Apex PCMCIA Modems ST 1414L 14.4k
   Apex PCMCIA Modems 24/96 w/RAM
   EXP ThinFax1414LXM
   Megahertz XJ1144
   Megahertz XJ2144
   Practical Peripherals   Pracicard 14.4k

If you have any experience with another PCMCIA modem, please send me
a mail with a description, I will collect the information and post
the result.

Please, use Email as I'm leaving for holiday and will not look at the
news for 2 weeks.


Jean-Christophe MARTIN

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