Ethernet and HP 200LX with Accton EN2216-1 and LXTCP

Ethernet and HP 200LX with Accton EN2216-1 and LXTCP

Post by Josephine Schmo » Sun, 31 Dec 2000 13:50:11

Hi All-

As the subject implies, I'm trying to network my 200LX to my home-LAN
(Linux, Win98 machines).

I've read an article by David Sargeant at which indicates that it
should be doable.

I've also read by NORI which
further indicates that it should be doable.

These articles mention Rod Whitby's software: LXTCP as a suite of programs
that should be able to run on top of his ethernet packet driver (OP2216.EXE
and PD2212.COM) for the Accton card.

Well, I have a LinkSys Cable/DSL Router hooked up to a 100 Mbps ethernet hub
(could this be the problem?  Do I need a 10 Mbps hub?).  The other machines
all work fine on the network.  The Cable/DSL Router has a DHCP server that
serves IP addresses (et. al.) to all of the other machines on the network
just fine.

Rod's LXTCP.DOC that comes with LXTCP mentions that LXTCP should be able to
get it's identification (IP address et. al.) with a BOOTP server.  I've read
a DHCP FAQ by John Wobus at that
indicates that DHCP is backward compatible with BOOTP.

I have no problem enabling the card: OP2216 <enter>
No problem installing Rod's driver: PD2212 0x62 5 <enter>
I get the text output from this command that I expect based on LXTCP.DOC

But, the problem comes after that.  The output of LXTCPCFG looks reasonable:


Ethernet Address : as expected

IP Address : (as I set it)

I have tried setting up TCP.CFG (in the current working directory) to use
BOOTP, and it says that it tries but fails.  So I manually configure an IP
address and I still seem to have no connectivity.  Specifically, I try an
LXPING to my gateway and to another machine whose IP address I know on the
network.  Both attempts at LXPING fail with the message:

Pinging []

PING: Cannot resolve host's hardware address

Ping Statistics
Sent            : 1
Received:    : 1
Success    : 0%
There was no response from

Same for the other machine, and same for (the 200LX).

Any help?  I was tempted to email Rod, but then I noticed that he's not
supporting this anymore and is referring questions to the lists and

Thanks in advance for any ideas, and please email me a copy at



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Thank you,

Donglok Kim                    ICSL (Image Computing Systems Lab)
University of Washington         |            Phone) 206-543-2168
Dept. of Electrical Engineering  |            FAX)   206-543-3842

Seattle, WA 98195-2500           |

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