Need Help Printing FAX to File

Need Help Printing FAX to File

Post by George Jacoby X2 » Sun, 27 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I recently purchased an EXP LXM-1414 Fax/modem PCMCIA card for my
HP100LX.  While the modem and Fax operations work nicely, I am
unable to print a FAX because I don't have a serial printer
connected to the palmtop.

The EXP FAX software is unlike other SYSMGR applications in that it
fails to provide for printing to a file. If that were possible,
I could transfer the file to another computer and print it elsewhere.

I've tried to capture the printer output using the "prindir" TSR
utility (the only one I found that captures printer output to COM1:),
but that fails when SYSMGR is running.

Any suggestions for printing from a SYSMGR application when there
is no printer attached would be much appreciated! The folks at EXP
acknowledge this deficiency but offer no workaround.

George Jacoby
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Tucson, AZ


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