SMART modem/flash fax init string

SMART modem/flash fax init string

Post by Whay S. L » Wed, 30 Oct 1996 04:00:00

        I have been trying to use ssfaxer/qfax/ql2fax
        on this card with not much success.  Can anyone
        please shed some light on what init string
        to use for this modem (Smart ST1424FMM) ?



1. Fax software for the Smart Fax/Modem Flash card

Hello, Palmtop friends, and thanks for reading my message.
We have a palmtop users group here in istanbul, and the founder of this PUG HAS

So he asked me to post his message on the comp.sys.palmtops.

Here it is:


Here is palmtop questions for the Internet. Maybe you can email to the user

* Is there a fax software which runs in the Smart Fax/Modem Flash card?

* How can I obtain ComLink freeware software? (this software lets a PC to
access the Modem card of the palmtop).



Thanks for replying to him (or me).
Best regards,
Robbert J. van Herksen
(Editor of CHIP Magazine Turkey)

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