Sync Outlook and Outlook Express?

Sync Outlook and Outlook Express?

Post by BurntEdd » Mon, 27 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Is it possible to sync Outlook 2000 for addresses, tasks, and calender, and
use Outlook Express for mail only?

I am using the updated Pocketmirror but it requires Outlook 2000 to be
default mail program. I use Outlook Express as default mail program as it
works well with Hotmail account.

Any ideas?


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I had been using Outlook Express with DataViz mail and Cli Mail and it had
been working alright. However I have now switched to Outlook as my default
mail client (In order to use SpamNet). However I now find that it does not
check for new mail while syncing and I have to grant CliMail access to the
address book each time I sync so I can't just start the sync and forget
about it. Is there any way that I can fix this?

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