FS: IBM PC110 (smallest Windows 95/3.1/DOS compatible palmtop) $399

FS: IBM PC110 (smallest Windows 95/3.1/DOS compatible palmtop) $399

Post by Thomas Ferrei » Thu, 03 Dec 1998 04:00:00

This is the neatest and smallest Windows compatible computer made by IBM.
This unit is in great condition and includes the original box, manuals,
disks, AC Adapter and Battery. PC DOS 7.0 is installed on the internal 4MB
flash RAM so the computer will boot for you right away.  To install
software on it like Windows or other apps, you should invest in the PC110
dock and floppy drive, or better yet, an PC Card reader/writer for your
desktop PC and install all your applications on a compact flash card that
way. $399 (FIRM) plus freight.

I also have the following available for the PC110 at great prices.

NEW 32MB MagicRAM Compact Flash Card $149
Megahertz 33.6 PC Card Fax Modem $39

A package deal of all the above items is $575 plus freight.




1. FS: IBM PC110 (smallest Windows compatible palmtop) $399

I have an 8MB RAM IBM PC110 Windows compatible palmtop computer, in very
good condition, complete with original Japanese manuals, disks, and box.
$399 firm plus postage.  Add a new 32MB CF card for $149 and an 33.6 PC
Card Fax Modem for $39.  I do not own a dock or floppy drive so you would
need to buy that from Dynamism if you need floppy support or best
alternative is to buy a PC Card reader/writer and use you desktop computer
to install apps on your CF card that way.

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