Best Outlook sync program for Outlook 98

Best Outlook sync program for Outlook 98

Post by Jonathan Longthor » Mon, 06 Apr 1998 05:00:00

What is the best program to sync a palm pilot with Outlook 98

Being able to sync catergories is important

I basicly want a program that offers the best exact syncing solution next to
using the PIM software bundled with the PP

Jonathan Longthorp


1. Sync problem: Hotsync crashes when syncing Outlook 98

I used to sync my Handspring Platinum with Outlook 98 on my Win 2000

Now it seems that when switching from one outlook conduit to the next the
hotsync.exe chrashes.
There is produced a logfil which I can not find.
But not in the hotsync log and not in the

Tried to reinstall both Outlook as well as Handsprings Palm desktop and  on
top af that Pocket mirror.

It does not help.

I fooled around with regedit and found the conduits. But nothin strange

Somewhere i found indication on MDM.exe running (Microsoft debugging

I removed that

I figured out that it might be mapi32.dll which on my pc counts 850 Kbyte
When removing this an running fixmapi i get another mapi32.dll counting
128Kbyte but then outlook fails to run.
So now I am back on the big mapi32.....

Also tried "outlook /resetfolders" which only caused tha "outlook today"
folder or page to break apart.....

I am now feeling that I am destroying more than fixing a single problem.

Anyone have any ideas.
The is not any error messages to hunt down.
Of cours - This mapi32 change gave a lot of error messages in the

oh yes. I am running on a danish system. Allways fiddling around updating
software etc. but cant figure out what i excactly did to cause this

Please help anyone.

Kind regards / Med venlig hilsen

Jens Borchert Pedersen
Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd.
PO Box 176 , DK-5100 Odense C , DENMARK

phone:  +45 6397 1027  |  fax: +45 6397 2360

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