Poqet Utilities: Task-switching

Poqet Utilities: Task-switching

Post by Russell Lewi » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Recently there has been some discussion on task-switchers for the
HP200LX such as Software Carousel.

I discovered one "ancient" task-switching program called MULTIPLE
CHOICE. It was written in about 1987 and is not terribly sophisticated,
but it is actually quite easy to use.  To start it up, you simply type
"MC" and it will give you the default configuration of three partitions
with 80K for each of the first two and the remainder of available memory
for the third partition.  To change partitions, you press
<Ctl> <numpad_num>.

You can change the configuration by typing the size of the partitions
after the name of the program, for instance, MC 64 64 will give you
partitions of 64K for the first two partions and the remainder for the
third.  You can do any of number of partitions depending on available
memory.  Unlike Software Carousel, I doubt that it will be able to swap
to disk.  But I am sure that some folks may find it useful on computers
like the Poqet, etc.

You can find MC at the following FTP site:




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Hi.  Anyone knows how to prevent Filer from re-reading the disk each time
you switch to it from another aplication?   This is the most anoying
aspect of using Filer.   If there is no direct solution, maybe some of our
enterprising programmers here might be persuaded into writing a small
program to keep this from happening.   It sure would save a lot of time in
using the palmtop!  

Thanks in anticipation.


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