Sharp PC-3100 vs. Prolinear PS-1000?

Sharp PC-3100 vs. Prolinear PS-1000?

Post by Larry Keith Dipbo » Tue, 05 Apr 1994 03:02:11

Can anyone answer the following questions about the Prolinear
PalmBook vs. the Sharp PC3000?

-How do the keyboards compare for touch typing?

-How does the built-in software (PIM, calendar, etc.) compare?

-Any opinion about the over-all quality/reliability of either?


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1. fs: Prolinear PS-1000 w/ sram pc card

Prolinear PS-1000, dos5 & MS Works 2.0 in rom, ser. &
   parallel ports, good sized keyboard, runs on 2 AA batt.
  incl. case, cables, and 1mb sram card  acts like disk drive.
     $295 incl. shipping.
Thanks, David

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