Problems with GSM PCMCIA modem card

Problems with GSM PCMCIA modem card

Post by Thorsten Wedderie » Fri, 01 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I'm trying to use a PCMCIA modem card for the GSM (mobile phone) net
with the Newton. The card is developed by Dr. Neuhaus, Germany and is
known as the "Gipsy Card". I'm using a MessagePad 120 with OS 1.3-D.
I tried the ModemEnabler 1.0 and the ModemMod package V1.12 from David
M. Pompea. After these efforts, the modem starts dialing with a GSM
handy (Siemens S3), but a few seconds later it disconnects the line
the message "no answer". Maybe it's a problem of dialing, but I don't
know how to change the dialing command (or prefix).

Is there anyone out in the world, who had the same problem or knows how
to get this modem work? Maybe it'll work with the new OS 2.0...?

Thorsten Wedderien
Berlin, Germany


1. Newton & GSM PCMCIA modem card

On Tue, 05 Dec 1995 09:09:21 +0100, Thorsten Wedderien

Evening Thorsten

You really need proper GSM enabler drivers.  Nokia has a very good set
written specifically for the MP120.  I've actually seem them in the
UKCOMMS library on CompuServe, but have yet to encounter them on an
Internet site.  Some phone delaers will attempt to sell you these

I spent a good amount of time using an MP120 with both the Nokia 2110
(GSM) &  the Nokia 2140(PCS)  via the Nokia DataCard and it worked a

Cheers Nigel

Nigel Ballard (UK) The Paperless Office

VoiceMail: +44-(0)941-105937

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