New software on

New software on

Post by Ruair » Wed, 03 Oct 2001 08:26:34


Here's some new additions to the PocketPC software site,

More to follow this week, have been away for a few months.  If you are a
developer/software house/distributor then tell me about your apps and I'll
list them.  All free, no strings,  I'm a hobbyist.


Name Attendance Tracker Category Educational
Description Tool for teachers who need to keep track of the truant kids.

Name PPTools Category Utilities
Description From China, a very handy utility for ending tasks. Also includes
a Registry Editor

Name PPCInstall Category Development
Description App for programmers who need to produce .exe and .zip to
distribute their apps.

Name PoQuick Money Category Financial
Description Money manager with the look and feel of Quicken. Needs JS


1. ANN: Even more software on

Name Pocket Point Category Graphics
Description Multimedia app for creating portable presentations on your
Pocket PC.

Name Convert It Category Utilities
Description Handy tool for converting between different units of

Name Pocket Safe Category PIM's
Description Keep all your confidental data encrypted and safe from prying

Name Calc 98 Category Engineering
Description Top end statistical and scientific calc. Given award by
'Scientifc Calc Weekly' (joke)

Name Pocket Verifier Category Financial
Description Unique program that enables you to accept Credit cards via your
Pocket PC

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7. Ann: iambic, Inc. announces new Tinysheet software with support for the new CLIĆ© NR Series

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