PSION 3a: Sending Hayes-AT instead tone-dial from Data-app?

PSION 3a: Sending Hayes-AT instead tone-dial from Data-app?

Post by Michael Welke » Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:00:00


I want to send an AT-Hayes dial command from my data application to a
connected modem (PSION 3a). Is there any programm around that will do
that for me? Or what OPL-code is to be programmed?

Please email, if you can help me.
Michael Welker, Germany


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     I am using LX-DIAL on the HP 200LX and the program seems to work fine
in getting the speaker to produce tone dialing.  The question is .... do I
just pick up the phone receiver and play the 200LX into the phone to dial?
That doesn't seem to work, what is the technique here?  Thanks for any
help (expecting an excrutiatingly embarassingly simple answer).

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