Casio support is a joke... a bad joke.

Casio support is a joke... a bad joke.

Post by Michael Newlyn Blak » Sun, 23 Feb 1997 04:00:00

A little over a month ago (Saturday the 18th of January to be exact) I
purchased a Casio Cassiopeia, the new Casio HPC.  The box they had was
the last one in the store, and it looks like a customer or another
salesperson had taken the documentation and all software out of the
box.  (Maybe it was a demo or something, who knows.)  I was assured that
I could simply call casio support and get the missing pieces.  So I got
home and called the Cassiopeia support number.  I was told that the
manual would be shiped and should arrive within 2-3 weeks, the software
they would have to track down.
  Three weeks later, I asked them when I would be receiving the
software, and I was told they still hadn't received it.  But my name was
on the list of people to get it when it arrives.
  Another week went by.  By Monday the 17th of Feb not only had I heard
nothing about the software, but the manual hadn't shown up either.  I
called to ask why.  I guess it was late as the tech I spoke to couldn't
get ahold of his supervisor (in another time zone?) but he assured me
that he would the very next day send the manual out one day delivery,
and track down at least the HPC explorer software for me.  He even
offered to break it down into .zip files and email it to me is he had to
the next evening.  Said he would call me on tuesday to let me know for
sure what was going on.
  Tuesday: received no call or email.  Wednesday: received no email,
call or manual.  I called thurday around 1pm and left a message asking
him to call me.  Received no return call.  Friday I got ahold of him...
he said he'd lost my email address.  As for the manual... he'd have to
copy his and mail THAT to me as he couldn't find one to send.  And
promised to send the software THAT night. Well, it's saturday evening
and I have still received nothing.
  Over the past month I have learned to live almost in fear of this
device that I have grown so dependant on.  I was already painfully aware
of the fact that this was a first release of a new device, so I'd been
pretty diligant about keeping it charged up and not doing anything too
complicated until I could get the software to back it up.  Then bugs
started being reported about batteries draining.  Well it's been over a
month now and there are fixes for these bugs.  Of course, I can't load
these fixes because I DON'T HAVE THE *Y SOFTWARE FOR MY PC YET!!!
  So here I am with a Cassiopeia I can't back up.  I leave it on the
docking station whenever it's not in use, even though the documentation
for the rechargable battery says this will shorten it's lifespan.  And I
live in fear, maybe a little bit of dread.  I am not accustomed to
feeling defeated by a vendor.  Never before has a company's support
staff left me feeling so hopeless and alone as Casio's.  If I had some
way to preserve the data on this device, I would probably go get one
from a diferent vendor, transfer the data, and take the cassiopeia back
but... as I'd said, I've got a month worth of documents, contacts,
tasks, and scheduling hooked into this beast and no way to back it up.
  Is there anybody out there who would be willing to help me?  Either by
pointing me to some person/resource I can use to force service out of
Casio, or simply adding their own voices to my mine in my complaints to


Casio support is a joke... a bad joke.

Post by David Rams » Wed, 26 Feb 1997 04:00:00

> <a really sad story>

Frankly, it was foolish of you to buy the unit in the condition you did,
unless you received a substantial discount.

Few manufacturers are set up to deliver "pieces" of a retail product.
Complex products like the Casio are comprised of pieces from several
vendors: the computer (presumably from Casio), the printed manual, the
CD-ROM, the registration cards, and so forth. Often a third party is
contracted to "build" the shipping units. Getting individual pieces can be

Of course, I realize that Casio promised to send the missing parts several
times, but I think the important thing you should learn here is _don't buy
products in this shape_.

Return address is bogus to discourage junk mail.


Casio support is a joke... a bad joke.

Post by John Ki » Thu, 27 Feb 1997 04:00:00

: > <a really sad story>

: Frankly, it was foolish of you to buy the unit in the condition you did,
: unless you received a substantial discount.

Yes but anyone who knowingly bought a partial package (because of their
deep yearning) has the potential to become a true Gadgeteer :-).

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