where did my alarmbeeb go? Please help

where did my alarmbeeb go? Please help

Post by Daan » Fri, 30 Mar 2001 18:40:04

Hi, I have a palm IIIe, and I used to use the alarmfunction in the datebook
a lot since my shortterm memory isnt all that. But since a few days my alarm
only goes off when the palm is active. If I just have it in my pocket no
alarms, so that kind of makes the whole point of having alarms useless.
Anyone got a solution?

Thanks Daan


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Hi all,

I was trying to do a little spring-cleaning on my E11 the other day and I've
messed up my desktop and channels as a result.

There  are now 2 channels in the Microsoft Channel Browser that just say
Mobile Channel error and a whole host of other error related stuff.  Also
the desktop now has the aforesaid channel in each of its windows.  I've
tried to delete the channels, reset the machine, turn the desktop on and off
but nothing seems to work - any ideas anyone??

Looking forward to some suggestions


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