M505 SD/MMC card very slow after more then 10mb stored

M505 SD/MMC card very slow after more then 10mb stored

Post by Reto Zimmerman » Sat, 25 Aug 2001 01:58:03

> I have get a M505 specially for the expanion option so i can load more data
> then the 8mb. I use the SD/MMC card for database and picture storage. Untill
> about 4mb the SD/MMC card was working ok (a little slower then the normal
> memory) But after install MGI and about 60 little pictures, changing to the
> SD/MMC card takes about 2 minute waiting before i can see information on the
> SD/MMC card. Starting MGI and selecting a catagorie takes also up to 3
> minute. Together i have to wait almost 5 minute before i can see something.
> I have send a message to palm support about this and they answer that this
> is true and that they can change this! If i know this before i won;t have
> buy a Palm.

Some applications are really slow reading the card, in particular
scanning for files.  And MGI PhotoSuite is definitely one of them, which
is why I am not using it.  SplashPhoto is already much better.

There are also big differences among actual file handling applications.
While McFile is very fast in listing directories on the card, Filez is
already considerably slower, and BackupBuddyVFS is awfully slow.
Obviously, many programmers are doing something wrong in accessing the
card efficiently.

So before you dump your m505, give other applications a try and check
out other usage possibilities of the card, like PowerRun.



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