International phone numbers in REX?

International phone numbers in REX?

Post by tomm.. » Sun, 13 Feb 2000 04:00:00

How well does the franklin/Xircom REX-3 handle international phone

I travel to Italy, & the country code is 2 digits, & area code is 2-4
digits (depends on city & if you leave the 0 in).  So, a friend's
number can be +39 (049) 123-456 or even +39 (0347) 123-4567

Any links & personal experiences would help!

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1. International Access Numbers for Internet by Call with Mobile Phones

Hi, all!

I am using my Palm with my mobile phone extensively as well on many
international business trips to have Internet access. In Germany I have
an Internet by Call access number, given by my ISP or network provider.

When I am abroad I would like to have as well Internet by Call numbers,
enabling me surfing the web or updating my web based services like
StockManager, Avantgo, etc..

Does any body have an idea, where I can find a worldwide directory of
access numbers for Internet by Call (with mobile phones!).


Mr Dee

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