Mail synch

Mail synch

Post by Nina O'Flyn » Sat, 29 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I am having trouble with this aspect - I need Eudora 4 I realise that
but this message is difficult:
-- Eudora
Palm Eudora cannot sync with your desktop mail software:
 - You may sync with the most recent versions of Windows Eudora email
software for free. To sync for free, you must use Windows Eudora
version 4.3.2 or later and it must be in either paid mode or sponsored
mode. The latest version of Windows Eudora can be found at
 - To Hotsync with other than Windows Eudora you must purchase a
Eudora Internet Suite registration number. Once purchased the reg
number should be entered in Palm Eudora in the registration section
under "About Eudora". Palm Eudora must be registered in "Unlimited
Sync" mode. Registration numbers can be purchased at
Note that pdQsuite 1.0 registration numbers can also be used to enable
"Unlimited Sync" mode.

-- Mail
   - Failed while trying to Logon to the Desktop Mail System.  Please
check your Palm Mail settings.  Launch Mail Setup through the Windows
Start menu on your desktop. Select Programs, Palm Desktop program
group, and choose the Mail Setup icon.

NOF: I don't know how to handle the mail situation.

Could the hot synch be held up at this point and the files beginning
with F - Z don't hot sync? I've been concerned about that.



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