Window CE--sync with Windows 3.1?

Window CE--sync with Windows 3.1?

Post by Ed Blac » Fri, 29 Aug 1997 04:00:00


You are correct in that CE will not sync with Win 3.1.  However
Schedule+ is not your only option.  Microsoft Contacts which ships with
most flavors of Office 97 is a more robust alternative to Schedule+.  NT
should present no problems with Windows CE.  There are also a few third
party contact managers available, such as ACT.  Perhaps it is time to
retire the old 3.1.

Ed Black
Edwin M. Black Consulting


1. Window CE--sync with Windows 3.1?


ALL the CE machines only sync with 95 or NT. Microsoft (and its OEMs) will
not be releasing a Sync Manager/HPC Explorer for 3.1 or 3.11. I suggest
that you (or your boss) get your old 3.1 upgraded......

As for the future, well you can always stick to your 3.1 but you can hardly
complain when nobody is producing software for it any more, after all it is
a 7 year old, 16 bit operating system designed for use with 386s. Even on a
Pentium, 3.1 has half the performance of its 32 bit brothers 95 and NT and
a fraction of the features !!

One could well lament the speed of technological progress but how would you
have reacted if, say 7 years ago when 3.1 was at it's prime, you heard a
CM/P user dispairing that one day we would all be using Windows 3.1 ?

There's always the Newton (at four times the cost) it's claims to sync with
just about everything, I'm sure you can even sync a Newton with a Vic-20 or
a Sinclair ZX81 [sarcasm off].

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