Any GSM PCMCIA card ?

Any GSM PCMCIA card ?

Post by Emeka MOSANY » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00


I would like to know if it exist any standalone PCMCIA
GSM card.

By standalone, I mean it does not need any GSM phone
connected to it.



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Any GSM PCMCIA card ?

Post by Lars Winkler-Petterss » Tue, 02 Apr 1996 04:00:00

: By standalone, I mean it does not need any GSM phone
: connected to it.

I'm also searching for this kind of product. What I'm looking
for could be describe as follows:

        1. Data V.32 modem and SMS
        2. Voice input:
                a) through a handsfree headset (mic / walkman plugs)
                b) directly through the PDA (see below)

        Well there are lots of other features I'd also like to see, but
you got to start somewhere :) Though it would be nice to give your PDA
commands as, "computer, call home and check answermachine"... leting the
GSM PC CARD handle all communications.




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I'm trying to use a PCMCIA modem card for the GSM (mobile phone) net
with the Newton. The card is developed by Dr. Neuhaus, Germany and is
known as the "Gipsy Card". I'm using a MessagePad 120 with OS 1.3-D.
I tried the ModemEnabler 1.0 and the ModemMod package V1.12 from David
M. Pompea. After these efforts, the modem starts dialing with a GSM
handy (Siemens S3), but a few seconds later it disconnects the line
the message "no answer". Maybe it's a problem of dialing, but I don't
know how to change the dialing command (or prefix).

Is there anyone out in the world, who had the same problem or knows how
to get this modem work? Maybe it'll work with the new OS 2.0...?

Thorsten Wedderien
Berlin, Germany

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