Mail and Newsreaders for WinCE machines?

Mail and Newsreaders for WinCE machines?

Post by Laurence Ch » Thu, 06 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I have been looking at he WinCE machines (a friend has the Compaq one)
and while I can do  all I want on my 200lx (mail, news and the usual
PDA stuff) i was wondering whether software is out yet (shareware or
commercial) to allow you to do Internet mail and New on them.
Presumably this would be via a PPP account and reading news and mail

Currently I read mail by extracting mail from a Unix shell account and
loading it into cc:Mail and read 3news offline by using UQWK to grab
the NG's of interest in ZipNews format and reading them on the 200lx
using Palmtop News Reader.

What irks me most about the HP is connectivity to PC organisers like
Sidekick etc. Can only be done by purchasing additional software.

If I could similar stuff on  WinCE machine I could be tempted to get


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