Palm M505 in cradle question

Palm M505 in cradle question

Post by Audiomanic » Wed, 02 Jan 2002 04:33:57

In the preferences i tagged the 'stay on in cradle' but despite that it
turns of after the selected time.
Anything wrong?



1. Palm Support replaces my defective Palm m505 with another defective Palm m505

Hi all,

I wish to share my recent experience with m505 owners out here.

I purchased my Palm m505 (Assembled in USA) on July 2001, which had been
working fine for me till a week ago when I noticed the SD slot doesn't
retain Palm 16MB SD Card. I called up Palm Technical Support of Singapore
the next day morning and they told me it was a hardware failure and they
were going to replace my defective unit with a new one. The same day (five
hours later), they arranged the courier service to pick up the Palm.

Four days later, I received the new unit via courier. It was 'Assembled in
Hungary' instead of 'Assembled in USA'. I thought it didn't matter initially
until I switched on the backlight and noticed a pinkish hue instead of the
white screen of my earlier unit. This has made differentiation between white
and pink colour difficult.

I wrote back to them explaining the situation and I got a reply stated that:

I wrote again to Palm Technical Support of USA and I got the following

I don't know whether I should laugh at this or not, but anyway, I proceeded
to perform a soft reset, the pinkish hue remains. I have a feeling that they
are beating around the bush or I have been taken for a ride.

The screen is also dimmer compared to the old unit. To top it all, there are
a few defective pixels that always show red colour instead of black colour.

Does anyone here know what should I do next? If you are replying to this
post, please send a copy to the email address below (remove *removethis*).
My local news server is dropping up to 70% news posts from this group.

Disappointed customer,
Dr. Liew


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