Windows CE Apps Wishlist / Windows CE Webring

Windows CE Apps Wishlist / Windows CE Webring

Post by Christian Morenc » Tue, 18 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi Windows CE user,

The Windows CE Apps Wishlist has been updated as of 17 november 1997.
You can access the Wishlist at
The Wishlist is now featuring more than 250 wishes.

Of course, the menu-news section has been updated with the latest news
on the WinCE software-side on a friendly tone. The WWW WinCE Links
section now has the complete listing of all the websites in the Windows
CE Webring and there's always a word on what people want on their HPC :
it's the best place for developper to check user's current needs.If you
want something on your HPC, the best way to let developpers know about
what you want is by submitting new wishes at the Wishlist.

The Windows CE Webring is still looking for new members.

The Windows CE Webring is now a family of 40 members and has generated
more than 15000 hits (in around 2 months of existence and is one of the
top 10 computer webring at

If you are the current owner or manager of a Windows CE Webring,
register it at and include the
webring html code, which you can find on the webring homepage, on your
wince website. The Windows CE Webring is a collection of user's,
developper's, comercial, news websites organized in a small community
(40 websites for the moment).

Best regards to all WinCE users,
Chris Morency
Maintainer of the Windows CE Apps Wishlist :
Manager of the Windows CE Webring :


1. Windows CE Apps Wishlist/Webring Update

Hi Everybody,

First : Happy new year 1998

-Wishlist update-
The Windows CE Apps Wishlist has been updated as of 11 January 1998 with
the following additions.

1. A small update to the "new wishes" page
2. Update of my "What's new" page
3. Update of my "Wishlist PIE Edition" which now features the "What's
4. CE links updated with "all the wince webring members" urls
5. A small official mirror of Happy Pedro's Corner (Pedro van Can who
unfortunately had to leave the wince development scene.) featuring his
desktop clock, his WinCE tips and his WinCE Programming tips.

You can check all these and more at

- Join the Windows CE Webring -
Having generated more than 26000 hits and being one of the top ten
Computer ring at, the windows ce webring now features
more than 60 wince websites. If you have a WinCE website, the best place
to "join" the wince website community is to start with the ring.

You can register your website at

Finally, I'm sure PIE-users would be interested to know that the
Wishlist is "entirely" compatible with PIE (pocket internet explorer)

The wishlist will also features new softwares as an official mirror in
the following week. Stay tuned.

Best regards
Christian Morency

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