Software patch for palmtops, where?

Software patch for palmtops, where?

Post by Domingo Diaz-Vazqu » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hi.  I have been seen some post concerning some software patches which
allow an HP200LX to run programs which require a fast processor such as a
386, and a higher resolution screen, such as VGA.
The question is, since those things appear to be hplx-specific, are there
any similar patches for the rest of us-msdos-palmtopers, who use machines
with cga graphics and an 80C88 processor?

Just wondering.



1. NINO Software Update Patch WARNING


I lost my sound after installing the patch.

Re-installing the patch a few times finally restored the sound. One of
the files replaced in the patch is "wavdevice.dll" which did not get
copied during the patch install the first time, for some reason. I had to
re-install several times, and at the same time I was uninstalling all 3rd
party software I had installed, trying to find the solution.

I hadn't even tried a CF Card, just downloaded and installed the patch.

Jim Dompier

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