FS: Motorola Cellect pocket modem

FS: Motorola Cellect pocket modem

Post by John Musielewi » Fri, 09 Jan 1998 04:00:00

14400 bps
uses 9 volt battery or AC
make offer


1. FS Motorola CELLect pocket modem


Here's an update on the modem I posted for sale earlier this week- Thanks
to all who have responded so far.

I have for sale a brand new Motorola CELLect Pocket modem - hook to serial
port (with your cable) on HP 200LX and use your fash card at the same time.
 (works on others I'm sure - this is just what I got mine for

Runs on 9v battery -
Hooks to Motorola Cell phone with the included cable or
Hooks to regular phone lines (cable also included)
All accessories included case - software - manuals ac  adapter

Taking offers through today 14 JUN - currently $100 is the high offer - If
you want it please email your offer


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