Run Time Error

Run Time Error

Post by Allan O'Haga » Mon, 04 Mar 2002 21:11:22

i have setup a mailmerge with the following code

Public Sub mailmerge2()

Dim strseacrh As Style

strsearch = InputBox("Enter Client Short Name")

ActiveDocument.mailmerge.DataSource.QueryString = "SELECT * FROM
'qrytestmerge' WHERE (('Employee Short Name' = 'strsearch')) ORDER BY
'Employee Short Name' " & ""
With ActiveDocument.mailmerge
     .Destination = wdSendToNewDocument
     .MailAsAttachment = False
     .MailAddressFieldName = ""
     .MailSubject = ""
     .SuppressBlankLines = True
     With .DataSource
     .FirstRecord = wdDefaultFirstRecord
     .LastRecord = wdDefaultLastRecord
    End With
    .Execute Pause:=True
End With

End Sub

when i run it i get the error message Run-Time "4198"
Command Failed

can anyone help with this please

thanks in advance


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