R-Comp announce Messenger Pro Server Edition

R-Comp announce Messenger Pro Server Edition

Post by R-Com » Sat, 20 Oct 2001 00:09:49

Messenger Pro 2 is almost certainly the most powerful and flexible
email/news software for RISC OS, and is constantly been described as
'better than anything on the other platforms'.  However, until now, it was
only half the story.  Sure, you could do everything you needed on a
single machine, or connect to a network mail server.   But you couldn't
*be* that mail server.  Now you can.

So, we are proud to introduce the lastest member of the Messenger Pro
family - Messenger Pro Server Edition.  This is a brand new version
of the software that allows you to share your mail and news across
your home or business network, and access it from other RISC OS,
Windows etc. machines.  Unlike some other solutions, setting up
Messenger Pro Server is simplicity itself, just a handful of
clicks and you'll be up and running.  Indeed, it looks and feels
just like the standard version of Messenger Pro, yet it shares
your mail and news using industry standard IMAP, SMTP and NNTP

So, what does this mean in practise?  Well, if you own several
computers, you can now download all you mail on one main machine
and continue to do email on that machine as you do now (with all
the security, reliability and compatiblity benefits of using
RISC OS for email).  But, at the same time, other family members
can be accessing their mail from their machines, by connecting
to your main machine.  Indeed by storing mail centrally, any
family member could use any machine on the network to check
their mail, making it flexible and effective.

And of course, if you want to filter out unwanted messages, you
can set the server to filter the mail just as you would normally.

As you might imagine, if you have more than one computer, this
is a wonderful boon, and it'll be priced to be affordable to
home users as well as businesses.

Whilst we had expected to have the final shipping version available
at the Bracknell show, the extensive testing and reliability
checking required for a server product mean that whilst you
will be able to see Messenger Pro Server edition running, and
read, write, search, move, copy, etc. mail/news from the server
with different users etc. we won't be releasing the product
until shortly after the show.  Nevertheless we're sure you'll
want to see it in action at the show and will be amazed
when you do.

22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS
Tel: (+44) 01925 755043            Fax: (+44) 01925 757377



1. R-Comp announce upgrade for the "older" version of Messenger Pro - v2.11

We are pleased to announce that v2.11 of Messenger Pro (Messenger Pro 1,
that is!) has been sent out to those users who haven't yet upgraded to
Messenger Pro 2.  This sorts a couple of minor niggles in the older
version which were dealt with in Messenger Pro 2, but warranted a
fix for those users who have not yet upgraded.

Please note, this upgrade should *not* be used by anyone who has already
got v2.50 of Messenger Pro!

As you might expect, we don't anticipate anything further in the way of
enhancement for this older version, as work is now concentrated
on extending Messenger Pro 2!

Please note that because this is essentially an "old" version, we
will not have 2.11 discs at the Wakefield show.

Anyone wishing to upgrade to Messenger Pro 2 (v2.50) at Wakefield,
will be able to do so but will be asked to return the old MPro 1

22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS
Tel: (+44) 01925 755043            Fax: (+44) 01925 757377


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