The clear out continues...

The clear out continues...

Post by Paul F. Johnso » Mon, 12 Jun 2006 01:27:32


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Acorn DFS User Guide
PipeDream 4 reference manual + PD4 Tutorial
Acorn RPC Welcome Guide
Euclid User Manual
Interdictor Manual
BBCSoft welcome booklet
TW/EW Supplement Guides
Masterfile Manual
Starting Basic on Acorn RISC OS computers (Ray Favre)




1. A3020 mouse port pin outs


    Has any one got any information on the mouse port of a A3020 (pin
outs would be nice), as i wish to modify a pc ps2/serial mouse (witch
ever is best for the job) to work with this machine.

Thanks for you help


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3. pin-outs for miniture IDE connector in an A3020

4. Appointments

5. A3000 RGB Pin Outs

6. D'OH---missed $100 rebate!--finally decided on Ricoh 6200s(i think)

7. Time outs

8. Want to learn more about Microsoft's Business Solutions Products

9. Modem time-outs

10. pin-outs for processor GEMINI 1F35.

11. Yellowstone card pin-outs

12. Controlling no of print outs

13. Pin-outs for Hard Drives