PC card release date.

PC card release date.

Post by Paul Walk » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 19:58:31

Quote:> > Anyway he did mention that his customers are all very angry... some are
> > mentioning legal action...  

> What kind of legal action could anyone bring against Acorn re: The PC Card?
> You can hardly sue them for not bringing it out on time...

If anybody sued Acorn, what would that achieve relative to the PC card.

Absolutely nothing.

In fact, it could be more dangeous than you think!

I cannot defend Acorn too much, but I do know that SOME of the delays
regarding the PC card are obviously to do with the unbelievably fast moving
target called the PC world. If the PC world remained more stable then I
believe that the PC card would have been released by now.

Windows 95 is not out yet and it was promised well before now and Acorn MAY
have had the Windows 95 drivers on their release specification. However,
they cannot release drivers for something that has not been officially
released. IBM have also now been brought into the RiscPC card equation which
may be due to the impact that OS/2 is making in the pc market place and
modifications to the PC card MAY have been necessary. I do not know for
sure, but I can understand the dilemma that Acorn are in.

Acorn are having to keep up with the ferocious money grabbing pace of the PC
world and I know that it is not easy to keep up with. In many ways this is
why, I myself, absolutely hate the PC world, the only attribute being the
software base.

If anybody was thinking of sueing? anybody why not go for Microsoft with the
Windows 94/95/96 saga.




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1. PC card release date.

about whether or not the batch of 10,000 cards are being made yet and clear
up some of the confusion?

I'm not surprised.

Not really, sometime during March was mentioned a while back, but even that
seems to have slipped a bit.

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