Magazines free to a good home!

Magazines free to a good home!

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Quote:> OK, the time has finally come to clear some space in my house - as I can
> hardly move for junk.... :-)

> If anyone wants them (although they'll have to come and collect them from
> Portsmouth (Hampshire) or I could deliver within 20 miles for the cost of
> petrol, I've got pretty much a complete set (although a few issues are
> missing) of Acorn User magazine, The Micro User and Archimedes World magazine
> - right back to when they started.

> They probably take up about 10' of bookshelf space and weigh far too much to
> post anywhere. However, I'm loath to just bin them, if anyone would like
> them.

> I've also got a few volumes of Risc User (in the original blue binders) also
> free to a good home.

Don't bother - send them for pulping.  I advertised mine and although I
had three replies, they all fell through with various excuses.  I had no
time for the requests - "Could I have early issues of ......", etc.  The
magazines were offered for free, so do your own sorting.  They have

Marcus Foreman


1. FREE TO A GOOD HOME - Old 'Acorn Computing' Magazines

 FREE TO A GOOD HOME - Acorn Computing Magazines 1993 - 1995

 Most Acorn Computing Magazines March 1993 thru to March 1995 (few missing)
 including (most) Cover Discs.
 They're in immaculate condition and must go to make space.

 Beneficiary to pay postage (they're heavy) or collect from Cardiff,
 first come, first served.

 Should anyone be visiting the Cardiff area over the Easter period,
 I'd be happy to hang-on to them until then.

 If someone needs a specific single magazine + disc, I'd be prepared to
 envelope it and mail it in return for four first class stamps per issue;
 once again, first come, first served.

 If no-one asks by Thursday March 25th they'll be dumped on Friday morning.

 Rob Wilcox

 NB When replying, remove the ".spam~shield" bit from my email address.

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