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Does anyone happen to have the installation instructions for a CC
Kevin Corney,
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Post by Mike Curti » Tue, 12 Dec 2000 02:19:03

> Does anyone happen to have the installation instructions for a CC
> ColourCard?

Have Emailed Kevin with details.

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1. I have a ColourCard Gold!

I've been given a fully working ColourCard Gold for free to use with my
A5000.   Looks like a Viewfinder-equivalent for RISC OS 3.1.

I just thought I'd gloat a bit. :-)

Major advantages so far are that the screen display doesn't break up
when accessing the floppy drive in ridiculously large 256-colour desktop
modes, and that my brand-new copy of Speak (see, some of us *do* spend
money on new software for RISC OS 3.1 machines!) no longer goes woozy
on the low notes in said screen modes.

Also, being able to run large 256-colour modes as standard.   I've moved
up a notch from my old 1024x768 16-colour desktop to 1152x848, with the
option of going up another couple of notches before the desktop text
simply gets too small to read.   The 3200x2400 mode is just silly :-)

Hmmm... I think I really need a 15" monitor.   Unfortunately I've only
just bought this one!   (Anyway, I haven't got room.)

Am I right in thinking that, from a practical point of view, only the
Publisher and Scanlight software is likely actually to recognise the
32,000-colour option?   How much VRAM does this thing have on board

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