Sprite modes, don'tcha just love 'em!

Sprite modes, don'tcha just love 'em!

Post by Philip Bretherto » Tue, 24 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Any genious, 'lay-man' speaking programmers out there that can help me???

        My problem is that I want 16m colour backgrounds and 256 colour sprites on

I normally use SYS "OS_SpriteOp" which is fine for 256 colour backgrounds
and sprites,
BUT, I can't even work out how to display a bgd using this command, and
even if I Screenload
the bgd in, my 256 colour sprites are still *ed up!

Please let it be possible as I'm a top artist who likes lots of colours!!!

        Thanks for any help, ta!



1. I don't love you since you ate my dog

I presume I'm not the first to find this in the
Resources::Resources.Switcher.Templates file.  Are there any other
secrets in RISC OS 4?  IIRC there was an article in Acorn User which
said that there was something with a 'Buffy the vampare slayer' theme.



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