Assasin wanted: for Bill Gates

Assasin wanted: for Bill Gates

Post by Malcolm Gambles » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

> >>1) RiscOS is now, not an entirely ROM based OS. It needs a dozen things
> >>off the HD.
> > Phah. Very major point me thinks!

Erm unless a ROM becomes Writeable, which would make it a RWOM which is
as likely as a PC not taking 1/2 hour to boot up, you have to have things
from a HD....
Or do PC's have a way round this problem (2Mbytes of Battery Backed CMOS?)

Quote:> >>2) Windows95 is so much better specified,
> >Arguable. It's PRETTY to look at (WHAT! as pretty as a pile of

reguritated carrots/tuna fish) but I'd give all that away for

Quote:> >better performance - it runs like a DEAD snail on Vallium!
> So CorelXara runs slower than Artworks does it?
> Nope.

He means Artworks running on an ARM 2 is slower than CorelXara on a
Pentium P6, obviously.

Quote:> >And it crashes (total, power-cycle to get going again crashes)
> >twice a day on average.
> You have a either a flaky machine or running bug ridden software which

Sounds quite normal for a PC to me, but I forgot PC users are 99% Games users
who never program in their lives (Have you tried programming under Windire 95)

Quote:> >And we've had to re-install it totally (i.e re-format the hard
> >disc and start again re-install) after only 3 months of use.
> Very flaky machine.

Well PC's are.....
When the main core of the OS has a bit of code such as

IF A=2 THEN PROC_Crash_And_Burn

Quote:> >>and does so much more than
> >>RiscOS that it is like comparing a whisk with a food processor.

Major flaw here me thinks....

Quote:> >A "food processor" with pretty looks and lots of gimicky gadgets
> >you never need to use and a burnt-out motor, with a functional
> >powerful electric whisk I just might go along with.

Erm.... ever heard of modules?
Lets you, wait for it PC users: expand the OS....!
Can PC users do that?
Can they actually do anything to improve it?
(Well yes, Nepalm would help)
Quote:> You Acorn fanatics would argue a cave is better than a house...

Well only a cave with a house and a heated swimming pool built in
compared to a one bed terraced house with no heating situated at the
North Pole in the middle of a bomb test site.

Quote:> >I've yet to find anything on Windoze95 which makes me think "Oh,
> >that's so much easier than it would be on the Archie", let alone
> >"Hey, I couldn't do that on the Archie".


Quote:> You've not tried!

> >But I can't do drag and
> >drop file saves on Win95,

> True. But it's only what your used to, and I hated drag-and-drop saving
> when I'd lost the window I wanted to save into.

Pity no other OS agree's there.....
they are all slowly turning to D&D even X windows (or mine anyway)


> >and re-organising file organisation is
> >a pain,

> It has a very similar filer front-end. (My Computer -> )

> >as is manipulating windows on screen . . .

> You jest? I can now click on the icon of any program and it will bring
> that window to the front. Do that with RiscOS.

Simple... in kicks the module factor, no I could even write a BASIC program
to do that, phut!


> >But then again, I'm only using the beast to make my living, so
> >who am I to make comparisons?

> Somebody who has obviously not tried to use it properly.

Do you use the word 'use' in it's true meaning?
I Think Not.

Quote:> Ian.
> --
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Ian Kershaw    14K4 Dial-up via Demon Internet, Nottingham, UK
> To err is human, to really mess things up you need a PC!


Various points about PC's:
Why are the reset buttons :
(i) very large
(ii) easily accesable?
mmmm..... thinks.....

Why do people think that PC's are computers?

(I'm very messed up in the head, but still sane enough to
recognise a turd when I see one.)