Advise on Filters please

Advise on Filters please

Post by Russell Hafter New » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 22:39:11

In article

Quote:> > Then how does it get removed by passing through an PAX?
> >  It can't be in the voice frequency range.
> It certainly is!
> If CLI signals used the same frequency range as
> broadband, a microfilter would stop the CLI data too!

Indeed. All my CLI boxes are connected through a filter and
are on the POTS side.

Then there are the POTS handsets that have CLI too.

CLI has to be in the voice range!!

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Advise on Filters please

Post by Dave Higto » Wed, 21 Jun 2006 04:31:19

> > > > > I wouldn't expect broadband signals to travel through the exchange
> > > > > since it doesn't pass CLI data.

> > > > What?

> > > CLI = Caller Line Identity = who's calling?

> > Yes.. but what connection has that got with whether broadband signals
> > will travel through the exchange?

> because I suspect the data is sent as high frequency signals.

No - it's sent as quite ordinary FSK, same frequencies as some (old)
modems.  In general, it's sent either before or between the bursts
of ringing voltage.



Advise on Filters please

Post by Raymond Twor » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 07:28:24

Thanks folks for all your advice, I now have a better idea of what i will



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