The PFJ Acorn clearout

The PFJ Acorn clearout

Post by Paul F. Johnso » Mon, 19 Jun 2006 08:16:31


If I've missed anyone on this list, please let me know...

Acorn ANSI C 4 manuals ? J. Cartmell
Impression 2 manuals
Acorn DTP manuals ? J. Cartmell
Rhapsody 4 (includes software) ? D. Anderson
Fireworkz manuals (box containing something like 4 manuals) ? SH Curry
ProArtisan 24
HTML Edit studio (with discs) ? S Hull
Acorn MIDI user guide ? J. Cartmell
RISC OS 3 user guide ? D. Linley
Archimedes Operating System - A user's guide (A&N van Someren) ? J. Cartmell
Archimedes Assembly Language (Mike Ginns) (2 copies) ? J. Cartmell
Master 512 Technical Guide
Applied assembly on the BBC Microcomputer ? P. Jenkinson
RISC OS 3 applications guide
Techwriter manual
Typestudio manual
Wimp Programming for All (Calcraft & Wrigley) ? J. Cartmell
6502 Assembly language programming ? B. Page
Archimedes BBC BASIC Guide ? D. Linley
RISC OS 3 PRMS (*2) ? Geoff (NZ)
Acorn C v5 manuals (no discs)
Acorn DFS user guide ? P. Jenkinson
Archimedes user manuals (came in a box) ? Geoff (NZ)
Easiwriter Manual (*2) ? S. Hull, M. Wuerthner
HOMM manual ? SH Curry
Compression manual
Sonor manual ? SH Curry (I'll throw in the dongle if you want it)
DiscCommander manual
Quake manual
AudioWorks manual
Abuse level editor manual
PipeDream4 manual ? J. Singleton
RenderBender manual (*2)
Desktop F77/SRCedit manual
Schema2 manual + Introduction to Schema2 Macros
Plot manual (Clares) ? SH Curry
Advanced user guide (BBC B) ? P. Jenkinson
Box of floppy discs (800k, *y loads of them!)  ? P. Jenkinson
Acorn PC Emulator (2 discs)
Sony PS 1 developers kit
The personal computer handbook
Concept Keyboard (A4-128)
The companion to the BBC Micro (Personal Computer News)
Me & My Micro
Overload (Paradise software) ? A. Thomas
VTI Sound Recorder
Set of RISC OS 3.7 floppies
Acorn Floating Point support floppy
PC DOS 7 (Use with the PC Card)
Ovation (floppies)
Play It Again Sam 3 (2 discs : Letrouve, Top Banana, Zarch, Masterbreak,
Repton 2) ? A. Thomas
Render Bender 2 (2 discs)
Sleuth 3 (2 discs) ? A. Marks
Pipedream 4 ? J. Singleton
Disc Commander
RiscStation R7500 ? A. Marks
Genesis Pro (Discs + manual)
BBC PCB Printing Program (*2)
Visioneer Scanner (USB - no RISC OS drivers)
Acorn A4000 with a PC card in it (apparently)
MS Office XP (Media Content and Press Office XP Step by Step discs)  ? A.
Word Perfect Office 2002 (Disc 1)
Dreamweaver 4 (has a serial on the back - no idea if it's valid)  ? A. Marks
VisualStudio .NET 2003 ? P. Jenkinson
Euclid Manual ? SH Curry
Interdictor manual ? SH Curry
PipeDream 4 reference manual + PD4 Tutorial
Acorn RPC Welcome Guide
BBCSoft welcome booklet
TW/EW Supplement Guides
Masterfile Manual
Starting Basic on Acorn RISC OS computers (Ray Favre)

If there isn't a name next to it, it's up for grabs. If I've missed anyone
due to email problems, email paulf <dot> johnson <at> blueyonder <dot> co
<dot> uk and I'll put your name down.

I also have an A3000 (I think it's 2Mb) and an Apple Quadra 650 (with
external NIC - as OS 8 on it, nice big monitor [stereo speakers] and a
decent keyboard and mouse).

I would suggest if anyone wants the Mac, they come and get it - it weighs a
tonne and will probably be cheaper to pay for the fuel to come and get the
damned thing.

Remember, anything not wanted by this coming Friday will be either dumped or

Postage is at cost, payment can be via paypal or cheque. If you use paypal,
add the 3% charge.




The PFJ Acorn clearout

Post by John » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 03:48:16

Hello Paul,

I've emailed you with regards the Ray Favre book that was confirmed I
could have in the other thread - I'm awaiting details of the postage




The PFJ Acorn clearout

Post by Paul » Thu, 22 Jun 2006 19:31:55


> RISC OS 3 PRMS (*2) ? Geoff (NZ)
> Archimedes user manuals (came in a box) ? Geoff (NZ)

Geoff - did you get my email detailing the cost of postage for these? If
you didn't, could you let me know?


"Logic, my dear Zoe, is merely the ability to be wrong with authority" -
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The PFJ Acorn clearout

Post by Geof » Fri, 23 Jun 2006 07:23:28

Quote:> Geoff - did you get my email detailing the cost of postage for these? If
> you didn't, could you let me know?

Hi Paul,

I've sent this via email as well - it looks like my original email to
you didn't get through.

I'm afraid I can't afford 75 quid for shipping - I didn't think they
would cost that much to ship over. Is that the price for normal surface
postage, not a carrier company of some sort?

Unfortunately, it looks like I will have to pass these manuals up.
Thank you for putting them up though.



1. Acorn Software/Hardware/Book Clearout. Tons of it!

Hello all.

Just sold my Risc PC and have got all this lot left. I'm open to offers on
any, part or all of it.

Software: CD's

Acorn Strong ARM cd
Pro Artisan 2
Zenta Clipart Collection
Oregano (single user licence)
Foundation Risc User CDs 1 + 2
Draw works Millenium
Acorn User Cover CDs (12 discs)

Software: Floppys

Ovation Pro + HTLM Pro Addon
Impression Publisher + Dongle
Mr Clippy
PhotoReal Drivers for Cannon BJC 7x00 Series
Serial Net 1.5
Messenger Pro
Dial Up
PC Pro 3
Menubar 2.09
ViVID 5000
Fireworks Pro
Acorn Risc PC 16-Bit Sound Software
Genesis Plus
Risc Os 3 Application Disk 1/2/Support
1st Word Plus
Desk Top Publisher
Acorn Dr Dos
Risc PC 486 Card Software 1.68
Acorn PC Emulator
Skyfall Font Packs 1-5 (10 discs)
Risc Os 3.7 install discs
Acorn Cover discs (14 discs)


Acorn 1.44Mb Floppy Drive
Risc OS 3.5 Roms
Risc OS 3.6 Roms
1Mb Vram
Arm 610 Processor
Cumanna Risc PC Audio Board


Wimp Programming For All
Risc PC Welcome Guide
Risc OS 3 Welcome Guide
Dr Dos 5 User Guide
Risc PC 486 Card User Guide

Not sure how much use some of that stuff is, but still, I'll consider any
offer at all.

Nick Goodall

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