Second User RISC PC systems now in stock!

Second User RISC PC systems now in stock!

Post by Neil Farnham-Smit » Wed, 25 Jul 2001 06:11:32

Surftec has a small quantity of second user RISC PC systems in
stock for an amazing 210ukp exc VAT each (excluding delivery).

These machines are aimed at schools, the minimum order quantity
is 10. Each machine is fully tested, cleaned and the
Acorn disc image is re-installed.

** Every machine comes with a PS/2 adapter lead, NEW Logitech
PS/2 mouse (identical to A7000 style mouse) and new PS2 Logitech
Keyboard. **

All the machines come with I-Cubed Network interfaces (both
10baseT/UTP and 10base2), they have various amounts of memory,
nothing less than 8MB. Each system comes with an AKF60 monitor.

The machines have existing security markings which can be removed
for an additional 10ukp exc VAT per machine.

Surftec offer a 90 day return to base warranty on these systems
(some machines contain CD drives, there is no warranty that
these work).

Any schools interested in purchasing these machines should
contact Neil Farnham-Smith on +44 (0)7940 799833 quickly, no
machines can be reserved until an official school order has been
received, we will arrange delivery of the machines during the
months of August and September.

Regards Neil...
Neil Farnham-Smith                                    Surftec Ltd

Burma Cottage, Glen Road,                 Tel: +44 (0)1428 608121
Beacon Hill, Hindhead,                 Mobile: +44 (0)7940 799833
Surrey, GU26 6QE. UK                      Fax: +44 (0)1428 608123
                                         ISDN: +44 (0)1428 608132




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Hi All,

I have two complete RISC PC systems for sale.

One is a basic 710 with RISCOS 3.6, a 15" colour monitor, HP 670c
colour printer, Epson GT9500 scanner, Castle SCSI card and various bits
and pieces.

The second is a dual slice StrongARM system with RISCOS 4 (not select
or adjust or anything), 17" CRT, Epson GT9500 scanner and *lots* of
other accessories and software.

I am selling the first system on behalf of my mother and the second
system was used for my design business until a couple of years ago and
has been gathering dust for a while now. And before anyone asks we both
use *ahem* Macs now! There, I've said it!

It all has to go! Offers through my website (below) please. Failing
that ebay beckons.

Full information, bidding, questions etc available here:

If you need to know anything that is not mentioned on the site just
drop me a line.


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