FS: Psion Revo

FS: Psion Revo

Post by Daniel Jone » Mon, 26 Jun 2006 08:49:11

Hi All,
Well now I have one of these Smartphone devices I no longer need my
Revo, so it's up for sale.
8mb Revo, docking station and power adaptor, no manuals box or PsiWin CD
A few scratches, its been well used!
Looking for 30, will post for free, or pickup from WA159 (Altrincham,



1. FS: Psion Revo

Hi all,
I have my original 8 meg Psion Revo for sale...
Complete with base and charger.
offers inc. P+P if anyone wants it ;-)
Go on, help a poor (litteraly) student buy a new TFT monitor for his RPC...
Danny Jones

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