All in One / Service and Repair -Lawrenceville/Grayson/Snellville

All in One / Service and Repair -Lawrenceville/Grayson/Snellville

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> Give us a try,
> All in One 770-513-4214
> Plumbing
> Elect.


Nah: it's only an answering machine. I wonder if it's got a l-o-u-d bell


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N 51 33'58" E 00 17'35"   G3XQU (DXCC=323/328)   Acorn RiscPC S/A 202MHz


1. comp.sys.acorn.mischiefous(spelling?)

Hi all.
Has comp.sys.acorn.misc decended into this?

Has it become a forum for personal abuse?

Has it become a case of "oh how silly you are since you don't have adegree
in computer programming"?

Has it become a case of "I've been programming longer than you so there"
na na na na na?

Has it become a place where one word misspelt :-) causes the thread to get
away from the RISC OS/RiscOS debate and decend into a spelling


Is it a place where we discuss things sensibly and with respect.

IU have a problem with a recently discussed antipodean software and I'm
just about to mail the author regarding a slight problem.

I'm not going to write here first "your software is shite and because I'm
not getting it to work you are a terrorist"

Come on guys take the personal slagging to a private mail and be generous
with those of us who cannot spell.

Bob, Sunny Scotland
Robert Hartley, Centre for Cell Engineering,University of Glasgow,
Glasgow G12 8QQ Tel:++44(0)141 330 4756

Web :

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