TopModel and Gordian

TopModel and Gordian

Post by Chris Hornb » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00

News from Spacetech Ltd. 19 Nov 1996

TopModel News

TopModel to discontinue Gordian protection.

The Gordian software protection application will no longer be used
with TopModel. All new orders for TopModel will be shipped without
Gordian protection.

Existing users who are experiencing difficulty with the Gordian
application are invited to contact Spacetech Ltd. for a replacement
installation disc which will be supplied free of charge.

require any further information

Chris Hornby   Spacetech Ltd.DT5 2EA UK


does not constitute endor*t by any part of the Acorn Group.



OK, here are my arguments:
a) "It doesn`t stay within the guidlines set out by Acorn." Yes,
but doesn`t this make it impossible to be cracked? I _beleive_
than NO illegal copy of all that software that used GORDIAN was

b) There will be no BIG advances in hardware in the coming years,
ie the RiscPCII will be(??)100% compatible with current SA-RiscPCs.
So, if any software is locked with GORDIAN NOW, then there will be
no compatibility problems for many years to come.

c) If there WILL be BIG hardware advances, then we are willing to
exchange any incompatible copies of the game with new ones. Doesn`t
this seem fair?

Please, do send your messages in this newsgroup, but there is a
chance that I will never read them because of something wrong with
my NetScape. If you can, email your messages to me, too.

Bill Kotsias, of the Fantasia Software

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