More trouble with CDROMS in Win95

More trouble with CDROMS in Win95

Post by Chris Gads » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have still not been very successful in getting PC CDROMS to work on
my relatively new SA RPC.

Problem 1:
Encarta 96 tells me I don't have enough colours - my Win95 bit thinks
I have only 16 colours as far as I can see, though the PCconfig seems
to think I have 256.  How do I convince Win95 of this??  I can't find
a readme file that seems to help in !PC.  The user guide for the x86
Card mentions installing a Windows Screen driver but I can't find the
equivalent info for Win95.

Problem 2:
Another CDROM which I got working on a 'real' PC this morning refuses
to work on *my* machine - it requires the Adobe Acrobat reader and has
a file on the CD to install this, called Acrobat\PC\setup.exe but if I
try to find this from within Windows95 I am told the file PC doesn't
exist, though it is definitely there if I look from RiscOS.  In fact I
installed the Acrobat reader on the 'real' PC without difficulty.
Where am I going wrong?

Any help for either or both problems gratefully received.

Chris Gadsby, Crowthorne, Berks / Strongarm/RiscPC
                               / also Acorn Arc 420/1 4Mb  RiscOS 3.11


1. Aleph One 32-bit CDROM driver for Win95 released

We are pleased to announce the release of our protected mode (or '32bit')
CDROM driver for Windows95.  

This deals with a number of problems evident on recently-produced CDs, often
using Microsoft's 'Joliet' Extensions to ISO 9660 to support long filenames.
Because of the way Win95 treats DOS CDROM drivers these disks would often not
work properly on the PC Card.

The new driver fixes these problems, as well as supporting other Windows 95
features such as Auto-insert notification and AutoRun. In this first release
Audio control is not supported.

The driver requires !PC v2.00 or later (ie 'PCPro') and Windows95.

This update is being provided free of charge, and is available from our Website:
or by ftp: (11K)

It can also be obtained by sending an S.A.E to Aleph One, (with UK stamp or
International Reply Coupon) requesting the '32bit CDROM driver'.

Aleph One Ltd, Bottisham, CAMBRIDGE, CB5 9BA, UK  Tel (00 44) 1223 811679
work:     play:


does not constitute endorsement by any part of the Acorn Group.

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