The great clear out - Some non RISC OS stuff

The great clear out - Some non RISC OS stuff

Post by Paul F. Johnso » Sun, 11 Jun 2006 23:20:00


Found in a box, no licence numbers, but I'm sure you can find them

MS Office XP (Media Content and Press Office XP Step by Step discs)
Word Perfect Office 2002 (Disc 1)
Dreamweaver 4 (has a serial on the back - no idea if it's valid)
VisualStudio .NET 2003

Same rules as before, you want them, pay the postage and they're yours.
Paypal or Cheque is fine.




1. Paul's great Acorn clear out


All of these are free to a good home - you pay the postage. I need the space
in the office for other things, so it's clear out time.

If they're not gone by the 23rd of this month, they go to the dump.


Acorn ANSI C 4 manuals
Impression 2 manuals
Acorn DTP manuals
Rhapsody 4 (includes software)
Fireworkz manuals (box containing something like 4 manuals)
ProArtisan 24
HTML Edit studio (with discs)
Acorn MIDI user guide
RISC OS 3 user guide
Archimedes Operating System - A user's guide (A&N van Someren)
Archimedes Assembly Language (Mike Ginns) (2 copies)
Master 512 Technical Guide
Applied assembly on the BBC Microcomputer
RISC OS 3 applications guide
Techwriter manual
Typestudio manual
Wimp Programming for All (Calcraft & Wrigley)
6502 Assembly language programming
Archimedes BBC BASIC Guide
Acorn C v5 manuals (no discs)
Archimedes user manuals (came in a box)
Easiwriter Manual (*2)
HOMM manual
Compression manual
Sonor manual
DiscCommander manual
Quake manual
AudioWorks manual
Abuse level editor manual
PipeDream4 manual
RenderBender manual (*2)
Desktop F77/SRCedit manual
Schema2 manual + Introduction to Schema2 Macros
Plot manual (Clares)
Advanced user guide (BBC B)

Other stuff heading out of the door

Box of floppy discs (800k, bloody loads of them!)
Acorn PC Emulator (2 discs)
Sony PS 1 developers kit

I've probably got more kit hanging around the office, but it's a mess, so
won't find it until tomorrow at some point.

If you want things, email me. Payment is via paypal (you need to foot the 3%
they charge). Postage is free if you collect (by the 23rd) from Haydock or
Salford. I can't keep things past the 23rd.



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