Gulliver's Travels/Sibelius 7 on Easter TV

Gulliver's Travels/Sibelius 7 on Easter TV

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The music program SIBELIUS 7 was used to produce the music for the
acclaimed film GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, being shown on British TV over

The two-part adaptation of Jonathan Swift's famous political satire is
showing on Channel 4 in Britain at 6pm on Easter Sunday and Monday, and
will be broadcast in other countries over the next few months.

The film comes from the Jim Henson (Muppets) stable, and the huge
line-up of stars includes:
Sir John Gielgud, Ted Danson, Peter O'Toole, Edward Woodward, Edward
Fox, James Fox, John Wells and Robert Hardy.

Sibelius 7 was used by British company Contemporary Media Music
Productions to create the final orchestration of the film score, and
print out the music for all the players. The company consists of
composer Trevor Jones, who improvises the music for each scene, and a
team of assistants who use Sibelius 7 to produce a fully orchestrated
score and parts.

Sibelius 7 does for sheet music what a word-processor does for words.
This has huge advantages for producing film music, where time is money.
One of the major ways in which Sibelius 7 saves time is its instant
automatic part extraction. This means that instead of somone having to
copy out each player's music separately from the full conductor's score,
the software can create and print all the parts in a matter of seconds.

Assistant orchestrator Julian Kershaw sees other sweeping benefits: "The
beauty of using Sibelius 7 is that is makes it so quick and easy to
change the music later. This is crucial because films are often being
re-cut right up to the last minute."

When the musicians come to the recording sessions, they see beautifully
clear printed music. Since they are sight-reading, hand-written or
poorly printed parts can cause time-wasting mistakes - but with parts
printed by Sibelius 7, mistakes are minimised.

Sibelius 7 was also used by the same team to produce the music for Loch
Ness, the recent feature film starring Ted Danson. Another film produced
using Sibelius 7 is Richard III, starring Ian McKellan, Nigel Hawthorne
and Maggie Smith, currently showing in the USA to critical acclaim.

Other users of Sibelius 7 include the BBC, Royal Academy of Music, Royal
Northern College of Music, Royal College of Music, Trinity College of
Music, Royal National Theatre, Salvation Army, numerous composers such
as John Rutter & Richard Stilgoe, and numerous music publishers
including Faber Music, Music Sales & Peters Edition.


A Happy Easter to everyone!

- From all at Sibelius Software


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1. Sibelius 7 on 'The Money Programme', BBC2, Sunday

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the group, hence the delay, .mod]

The award-winning music software Sibelius 7 will be appearing on The Money
Programme, BBC2 on Sunday May 18 at either 7:20pm or 8.35pm (the BBC are
yet to schedule the spot).

The programme includes an interview with brothers Ben and Jonathan Finn,
the creators of the Sibelius programmes, as well as a demonstration of
Sibelius 7.

The BBC are currently running a Computers Don't Bite series and The Money
Programme will be incorporating the theme into this week's show.
Sibelius 7 will also be demonstrated by our resident Sibelius 7 expert,
Michael Price, during Debbie Thrower's afternoon programme on BBC Radio 2,
which is being aired next Friday, May 23.

If you would like further information, please contact us on:
01223 302765


does not constitute endorsement by any part of the Acorn Group.

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