FS: eBay Advisor: for those who prefer not to use PayPal...

FS: eBay Advisor: for those who prefer not to use PayPal...

Post by david.bradfo.. » Thu, 22 Jun 2006 07:24:23

I've just placed eBay Advisor onto eBay. More of a response to somebody
posting my 4.99ukp magazine with a buy it now price of 7.99ukp plus
3ukp carriage; but it's there. Again it's carriage free within the UK;
and the free DTP Principles offer is extended to all who buy through
eBay directly.

I'll happily accept payment via cheque/postal order, too - remember if
you state you have a RISC OS computer you'll receive DTP Principles
plus a clipart CD. Yeah that's a new offer, because I've discovered a
box of clipart CDs.

Either visit eBay (www.ebay.co.uk) and search for eBay Advisor [be sure
to buy through mad_4_indie_movies] or email me

payment via PayPal or cheque/postal order.

kind regards,

[for those interested, there will be an issue two towards the tail end
of the year].


1. Not ebay: but Modems

Hi All,

I hope that it won't upset too many folks if I advertise the following on here:

3 Modems for sale - used but working when disconnected last week (upgrade to RiscOS running broadband):

All boxed / or electrostatically protected for transport and classified as second hand:

Speedcom+ external 56k
Dynamode 56k
Genius 56k

Supplied with psu / leads etc.  pp = 2UKP

Also (heavy) Cumana SCSI (1?) CD caddy / psu = can / could be converted into external hard-drice by new owner.
Offers (heavy postage at cost?)

Cumana IDE DVD rom reader SR-8582-B  pp = 100p

Font directory 2 software    Offers?   pp = 50p

Ancestory 2 software     Offers?       pp = 50p      

Four slot back plane    Offers  pp = 100p

First Impression / Impression 2 & Publisher with Manual (heavy), with reference number ...   Offers? pp = likely 3.50UKP

APDL Blitz     + software           Offers? pp = 100p

CC Turbocharged printing 3? leads + canon / hp drivers / sep ed etc  pp = 1.00ukp per lead

 486 SXL - 40 PC card  no software   offers?  pp = 100p

ACORN 710 processor card     offers?  pp = 100p

Irlam scanner podule + software

New items

Atomwide UNUSED triple serial port    NEW offers  pp = 2UKP

Offers + add 3.00UKP for postage (- uninsured) or the modems will splutter into the green recycle bin.

No paypal - but will reply with snail mail address for cheque or unused first / second class stamps!


If Carlsberg made computers, they would say that:

RiscOS technology with ARM chips make:

'.... the best Computer System in the world.... '

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